Healthy Tutor Info

Use it to empower your beneficiaries and maintain a productive workforce!

Healthy Tutor supports provider, employer and health plan efforts to improve health outcomes and return to work efforts with the most advanced knowledge enhancement and feedback program available for disease, injury and wellness management.

Our patent pending 2-stage clinical decision support technology identifies consumer knowledge deficits then deeply educates, measures, reports, and documents automatically to your electronic records system, easily and conveniently over the internet. New Millennia Health’s 5 learning layers provides the most comprehensive and intensive virtual instructional model ever introduced. The “trivia” style presentation and wide access including mobile device provides the highest possible impact upon care centric management.

Beneficiary Benefits:

  • Learn & retain care concepts for optimal self-management
  • Web-based, interactive sessions capture interest and encourage use
  • Easy access to high quality, interactive multi-media education
  • Helps decrease illness, hospital admissions for a healthier lifestyle
  • Promotes healthy & responsible choices on…and after…the job

Provider and Case Manager Benefits:

  • Immediate, structured feedback for health manager and beneficiary
  • Helps reduce unnecessary admissions and medication usage
  • Identifies learning and compliance issues for best use of resources
  • Documents the level of understanding for health and legal records
  • Referral-directed process insures compliance and maximizes ROI
  • Supports ARRA Meaningful Use, NCQA, and Medical Home initiatives
  • 5 layers of learning insures high retention and comprehension
  • Quickly push chronic disease, medical, surgical, and wellness topics to beneficiaries and claimants at anytime, anywhere!